Consider all values equal or minor to an another cell

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Hello Excel Community, I really need of yours help!


=SUM(SUMIFS(INDEX('Call A-B% 2021'!$A:$J,0,MATCH("Conteggio_Call",'Call A-B% 2021'!A$1:J$1,0)),'Call A-B% 2021'!$C:$C,'AVG Call-Day'!$I2,'Call A-B% 2021'!$I:$I,'AVG Call-Day'!$AT$2))


I am using this formula to be able to sum all the data for the same person that has in the column I('Call A-B% 2021'!$I:$I) a number less than or equal to 24('AVG Call-Day'!$AT$2). The number 24 is a number that changes dynamically each week because it corresponds to the current week number based on today's day.
How can I make excel understand that I need to take into consideration the value THAT IS LESSER OR EQUAL THAN CELL AT$2?

Thanks for your help!

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@letiziadistasi Change the last criterion to:

"<="&'AVG Call-Day'!$AT$2

Many thanks for your time and help. It’working