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I would like to make one sheet connected to another sheet. IF I delete data in Sheet 1 and paste new data into this, I want Sheet 2 to bring through only data with those headings. 


Is this possible?







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I propose to use Power Query for this. Import the data from sheet 1 into Power Query (Data | Get data from Table/Range), then delete in Power Query the columns that are not needed and load the results in sheet 2.
Once you have changed data in sheet 1, do a refresh (Data | Refresh All) and you will see the updates in sheet 2.

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In general it depends on what you are going to do with the data in second sheet. If use it as is, when yes, Power Query or dynamic array formula is enough. If to add one or more columns with any information (e.g. comments) to the data in second sheet, when some ID for the data required which allows to connect and sync both sheets.