Conflicting changes in Shared workbook

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Hello all,


My team was in need of a new centralized file to manage project manhour, deadline, etc.

A Shared Excel File from our company's OneDrive seemed a great idea at first but we're having lots of change conflict.


Even working on two different tabs with no links to one another causes this problem.


After some research I guess it must happens because we use unsupported feature for Co-Authored Excel files. I found  a list for shared workbook here:


Are shared workbook unsupported feature the same as Co-authored files shared on OneDrive?

To make it work, do you have any best practices to suggest me?


Thank you!

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The link is on how to share workbook in file system (on server, etc.). It is supported feature, just hided a bit in latest versions of Excel. Such sharing has quite many limitations and doesn't support co-authoring as it is defined by Microsoft, they are definitely quite different.


If the file is on OneDrive or Sharepoint site co-authoring shall work.

@Sergei Baklan 


Thanks for your answer I was confused if at was looking at the same feature.


The file is shared from OneDrive but as soon as two people or more are co-authoring, changes cannot be saved and users are prompted to either discard or save a copy of the change.


Do you know of any features that might cause this issue in the most recent version of Excel?


If needed I could provide specifics on the file.


Sorry, I don't have concrete answer. That could be permissions, that could be check-in/check-out mechanism in place.


I guess that's not Excel-specific question, perhaps you have the same with other applications as Word. If so it's better to ask OneDrive or Sharepoint community on this portal, they are more professional in such questions.