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I'm trying to format the rightmost columns (blank cells) to display text value + background color if the sum of two cells is greater than a specific value...


The formula posted below works to display the text desired, but only when I directly insert the formula into the specific cell.


When I try to make this conditional formatting true across all cells via conditional formatting rules and in the process give myself the ability to use multiple similar formulas on the same cells, the formula doesn't apply to the spreadsheet. 


An example here specific to values shown on spreadsheet would be =IF(3+3>4.5, "TEXT") -- I would also want that "TEXT" to be formatted with an attached color background. I would need to replicate this process several times with different texts and background colors attached, but mimicking the same general rule.


Any ideas?


Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 12.33.38 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-04-13 at 12.34.22 PM.png

This is what it looks like when I insert the formula directly into the spreadsheet. Works great except I cannot use multiple conditional rules and I cannot select the associated background color.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 12.42.37 PM.png

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For what it's worth, I'd already spent several minutes working on an answer to your earlier post of this situation, but when I went to post my reply, you'd removed the original. In the future, might I recommend that you use the "edit" function to fine-tune your request.


That said, since you have been working with Conditional Formatting--which is what you need--I will say that Conditional Formatting, useful as it certainly is, is also quite quirky and tricky to get to work as desired. It's often a case of patient trial-and-error. 


Having said that, you could help us help you by posting a copy of the actual workbook (an image is of very limited value). Put it on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link pasted here that grants access.


And I need to ask if all those other colors--it's a very "busy" worksheet--are the result of conditional formatting themselves? And can you tell us a bit more of the context here: what's the business application? What's the overall objective or desired result?


Whenever I see a sheet like this, which looks as if you're combining the Input end of things with the Output --this may be an incorrect assumption on my part--I wonder if you wouldn't be better served by putting the raw data (Input) on one sheet by itself, with minimal or no formatting, and then create an Output sheet that draws on the raw data (and maybe a table or two), adding colors and other formatting features to that output, where the beautification makes more sense (although still delay that until you're nearing the end of the design process).