Conditional Formatting, multiple conditions

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Hi everyone! I need a little help with conditional formatting, everything I've tried has not worked. 


I am working on a schedule output excel sheet, were the scheduling information is entered on one tab and it outputs a nice looking schedule on a different tab. I used a template to get started and have been able to adjust everything to make it work except for the conditional formatting.


The template used an index/match formula to pull over values, and the conditional formatting makes it so that sometimes the values show and other times they are hidden (same background/font color). I love everything except I would like the "shown values" to be different colors based on the content of cell, I'm using "FIT" for this example. (see attached screenshots for schedule and conditional formatting.)


I have tried adding to the "and" function (this is the existing formula =AND(H5<>0,$AF5<Cal_Endtime)) in the formatting to include all of the following, but it hasn't worked:

  • =AND(AH5="FIT",H5<>0,$AF5<Cal_Endtime)
  • =AND(AH5="*FIT*",H5<>0,$AF5<Cal_Endtime)
  • =AND(ISNUMBER(FIND("FIT",AH5)),H5<>0,$AF5<Cal_Endtime)


The things I've added work on their own, but do not work when combined in any of these ways with the above format. Any advice would be very much appreciated!



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You need to wrap your ANDs in an IF like this:





Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it out, and it's not working, it removes the formatting. 

@edawcj updated screenshot.. where did I go wrong?