Conditional Formatting if date is past And Cell is Blank

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Am trying to find a formula that works if a date is past today's date and the another cell is blank to highlight the date cell red, until the blank cell is filled. 

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use this formula in conditional formatting 

@bhushan, thank you very much for this. Greatly appreciated

@TemiT20 Hello! This formula was also helpful for me.  I am hoping you have time to help me with a modification? Is there another variable I can add to restrict it to read only the row that it is in? I have values in a table, but for what is blank beneath it, it still highlights all blank cells.  I tried the formula below, but that is just highlighting my header row for reasons I can't explain.





I tried your formula and applied it to range


 and it works well in my sheet.

@Quadruple_Pawn Hi! Something seems to not work correctly.  When I enter a value in A or J, the row above highlights, instead of the row that should meet the condition. Or even if J is blank, it highlighted the middle row. (See attached screen shot)

no prelim date.png


I was also defining by entire rows because the table is intended to grow over time, instead of giving it a definite end row value.  When I do that, it highlights the header.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


The rule for conditional formatting and the applied range must start in the same row.

In the attached example i have the rule:


and the applied range:


The applied range can easily be adjusted to e.g. =$2:$5000 but always keep in mind that rule and applied range start in the same row.

The other rule in attached sheet is:


and the applied range is:










Thank you for your help. With this and some more research, I was able to achieve my goal. Thanks again.
Thank you for your help. With this and some more research, I was able to figure it out
With this and some more research, I was able to achieve my goal. Thank so much for the replies!
Thank you for this formula! Works great. I have a question, what do I add go the formula so it only highlights blank cells based off whether or not the other cell has a date in it. The blank cells highlight wether or not there is data in the cells it is going off of. I want to make it so that once the information in the other cell gets added, only then does it calculate this info. For example when I send and invoice to a client, i add the date, once the pay i mark the date paid in a different column but i want to highlight when and invoice hasnt been paid yet.