Conditional formatting: hidden number data

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Hello, Probably a basic question, but I can't match anything I search to the help resource.  I have a conditionally formatted table but can only see the number data for a cell when clicked on. It seems to be hidden 'behind' the colour, when I am used to it being in front/on top of the colour.  I am grateful for any advice / instructions on how to reverse this to the usual (number visible with coloured background). I don't want to lose the conditional formatting which is RAGging the data.  Thank you!

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  • Check the number format of the cells. The number format ;;; (three semicolons in a row) will hide all values.
  • Check the conditional formatting rules - has the font color been set to the same as the fill color?
Hi, Thank you so much! Yes it was the font colour being set to the same as the fill. I really appreciate your help. Learning a lot this morning! Shall I delete the post - or can it be closed?


You should not delete it - others might learn from it.

If you wish, you can mark my previous reply as the best response. That will show that the problem has been solved.