Conditional Formatting Formulas


Does anyone know if its possible to have a column cell obtain information from an indexed table that has different format requirements?




Line 1 Format needed in cell Y10 = 10%

Line 2 Format needed £4 Y11 = £4 


I need to do this, or I could get the data to go into Column Z10 instead but I need to add the 2 adjacent cells together so would need to exclude either Y10 or Z10 as appropiate.


Any ideas?




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If you have some logic behind why Y10 shall formatted as per cent, Y11 as currency, etc, you may apply the formula which formalized that logic to conditional formatting rule.


Thanks Sergei,  That makes sense would you know the formula that I need for this?


Currently in the cell I need the £ to show  I have 


=INDEX(ProbMatrix[[#All],[Commission Rate]],MATCH(1,(V8=ProbMatrix[[#All],[Account]])*(W8=ProbMatrix[[#All],[Sales Person]])*(X8=ProbMatrix[[#All],[Over a Year]]),0))

in the cell that shows the value I need 


Below that in the cell I need to show the % 


=INDEX(ProbMatrix[[#All],[Commission Rate]],MATCH(1,(V9=ProbMatrix[[#All],[Account]])*(W9=ProbMatrix[[#All],[Sales Person]])*(X9=ProbMatrix[[#All],[Over a Year]]),0))


I have the formula in the table correctly, just need to apply it when it transfers over each time a line is added.


Thanks for your help.