conditional formating disapears with format as table

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I've defined / reused a conditional formating to my table 


but if I put my table with the "format as table" , where I select the option to indicate i've a header, the conditional formating on the right part is disappearing, and I don't find any reason to this change .  



Do you have any tip.

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@BeneCo It shouldn't. How exactly did you set-up the CF rules?


In the picture below, I defined some rules in different ways applied to a regular range of cells first. Then I formatted the range as a table and set the format to 'None' just to keep it friendly to the eye (i.e. not overloading with color). CF still works.



Edit: One thing comes to mind. Before you formatted the range as a table the header row probably contained numbers/dates and you used these in the CF rules. Formatting as a table changes these numbers/dates to texts. Hence, the CF rules no longer work. Try wrapping the cell references to the header rows in the VALUE function. Or change the columns with Plan start and Actual start to texts. That should work.