Conditional Format for race placings

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I have a column with a series of numbers from say 1 to 40, which are a sum of scores, I want to use a conditional format rule to highlight the 3 lowest scores.


the lowest score may be 4.

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That could be like


Perfect, thank you very much, I was using a very similar formula but I was formatying incorrectly.

@Sergei Baklan 

Hi Sergei, thanks for the previous help with the conditional format formula, I now have a further problem trying to highlight only one of the highest values, I have a formula that calculates only the 5 highest values but can't get it right on the formatting, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a screenshot


What do you mean exactly under "to highlight only one of the highest values" ? If few highest values, which one shall be highlighted, first appeared or last appeared or what?

Hi Sergei, thanks for reply, let me explain
The spreadshee is for a yacht race series of 6 races, if the 6 races are completed each entrant will be rated on the 5 best results meaning only one result can be discounted.
I think the 1st highest score can be highlighted.




The rule could be like this