CONCAT Function Not Working

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Using Office 365 here (installed on PC).

Entering =CONCAT(G2," ",H2) to join the two text values in these cells and when clicking enter the formula appears in the cell, not a string of the two words in the cells I want to combine.


Also tried =G2&," ",&H2, and showing formula in cell.


Anyone else experiencing this?


Thank you.

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@AdiAtNoname -

Not sure what you're experiencing on your side but this is what I get:


You don't need the commas when using & to join.


if you see formula instead of the result please be sure this setting is not checked


@AdiAtNoname Same problem here using Excel 2016. I tried to combine two columns of data into one using the =A2&" "&B2 formula example, and also tried =concat(A2," ",B2) and neither are working. When I hit enter all it shows is the formula I entered. I have also check to make sure the Show Formulas button is not selected. 


Another variant if your cell is formatted as text. Check by Ctrl+1.

@Sergei Baklan All data in both columns are formatted as text. But here's what just happened. I tried the formula in a blank worksheet and it worked. Then when I went back to my data worksheet to try again, it finally worked. I entered the same formula again and viola, it worked. I don't know why this was the case. I had originally typed in the cell references instead of selecting them by clicking on them. Is this possibly the trick??
Regardless, my problem is solved.
This might help someone else though??


The problem is not with the referenced cells being formatted as text; it is likely that the formula cell was accidentally formatted as text which will block any formula you may enter into that cell from working.

@Peter Bartholomew I did check that when I was trying to troubleshoot and I believe it was set as General. So how should the formula cell be formatted? 


General should be fine.  There is a catch in that reinstating General in place of Text doesn't automatically  sort the problem.  The formula also has to be committed with Enter as if it were newly input.

This worked for me, thank you!