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I'm trying to get comparison between the 4 rows which are having identical and different values as well, need help on sorting and getting answer please.


Scenario: below in in=mage i have 4 rows where row D and E are set 1, G and H are another set 2

If Set 1 has one name and value which is equal to set then it is fine but if set 1 has value but set 2 is not same then there should be the name D stored in J.


Example: in below image 1 the option Algeria present in both sets with equal values but in in name 2 the Macao SAR is not present in set 2 so added in J row.











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Can you please brief this , as i am trying to compare two sets in which all the data is not identical and not same values included in both.
Your section included I column?
(1) Column-I is a referecen column. If (D2,E2) have same pairs found in G:H, return true in I2
I2=False means (D2,E2) have no identical pair in G:H
Input formular in I2 (=VLOOKUP(D2,G:H,2)=E2) and Fill Down

(2) Use FILTER to filter column D with rule of column I

Or Use Array to skip reference column-I

The I2 column is returning unique values and there are duplicate As well, the Macao is not present in the set 2 but there is an value



You missed "=E2"

I2 =VLOOKUP(D2,G:H,2)=E2

@XXplore  now it gives as False  as below



Looks like your column H is in Text format while column E in General format




  • A is the range of Original Name
  • B is the range of Original Value
  • C is the range of Parameter Name
  • D is the range of Parameter Value