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Compare Cell values from multiple cells under different rows and columns are same in excel

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Hi Need your help on the below query
I have excel file having 20 columns and 100 rows
In the Column Customer id, if the id is same in different rows then i want the other corresponding row values to be same as well below is my example
1. Customer id -1234 is same in 4 rows so i want to check the 1.customer phone number, 2.customer address, 3.customer place, 4.Customer city, 5.customer county have same values in all 4 rows,
Similarly i want to check for other customer ID 890 which is common in 2 rows
If any mismatch in row values

1. highlight them in color

      or the mismatch values in an message with column header.

3.Auto correct the values taking it from first row. .

DestinationTravel typeCustomer idCustomer phone numbercustomer AddressCustomer placeCustomer cityCustomer countryStatusreserved
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