Commodity Prices - unable to find certain commodities or 52 week highs

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I have been able to find certain commodities using the Data Selector ex Gold, Silver and Platinum, however I am unable to find the following: 

- Crude Oil

- Palladium

- Wheat

- Soybean

- Corn

- Rice

- Cocao

Does anyone know how I would obtain these?


Also when I try to obtain a 52 week high using the following formula: =I4.[52 week high] Where I4 is Light Sweet Crude Oil (it is able to read the current price), it is unable to find the value and returns the error #FIELD!. Can anyone help with this error? 




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It dosent offer this for futures, when we have picked stocks its avalible.

This is something for microsoft to lookinto, its avalible for shore at source provider Refinitiv


Future Option:

2022-07-17 (1).png


Stock Option

2022-07-17 (2).png


Alex, could you share your file where you have capture the Community you presented.

I have a few but I got stocked.



Fredrik Nicklasson