Combo chart with 2 variables (4 columns) and 2 groups

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I can't find the answer by googling, someone can help...


I have a data set with two variables (year and duration). Within duration, there are 3 columns (ever, 6+months, 12+months). I'd like to have data for two organizations on the same graph - one as a bar and one as a line for reference. I've tried setting-up my chart a couple different ways but can't get it to show-up how I need it to when I click on the "combo" chart type. Below is what I see when I"feels" like should be right.


Any advice you have for changing my chart set-up or selecting different variables in combo would be much appreciated!



 Ever 6+ months12+ monthsITCA EverITCA 6+monthsITCA 12+months
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Use the data layout as in your post.

Create a clustered column chart based on the data.

Activate the Chart Design tab of the ribbon

If the x-axis labels are Ever, 6+ months etc., click Switch Row/Column.

Next, click Change Chart Type.

Select Combo Chart.

With a bit of luck, Excel will change the ITCA series to Line Chart. If not, select each of those series and select Line.

Click OK.

Perfect! Thank you so much!