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Dear All, 

I Need some combined formula to Analyze the Complaint passed 6 Hrs or Not.

Actually it is having some exclusions and we need to incorporate that 

Exclusion  - Night 10PM to morning 8AM clock is freeze (for 1st Day)  


Cell F3 - refers to Complaint registered time & Date (dd/mm/yy hh:mm)


My Logic and formula are 


If fault registered yesterday after 4 PM and before 10 PM, yesterday (6hrs - (10:00 PM - reg time )) + next day 08:00AM+bal
if yesterday after 10 PM & before 12 Am,next day 08:00AM+6 hrs
If yesterday before 4 PM, Reg time + 6 Hrs
If today before 8 AM. Today 8:00 AM + 6Hrs
If today after 8 Am and before 4 PM , reg time + 6 hrs
if today after 4 PM, Today (6hrs - (10:00 PM - reg time )) + next day 08:00AM+bal
if today after 10 PM & before 12 Am,next day 08:00AM+6 hrs
If not meeting above conditions NOW()-reg time 


My individual formula 


and i required just a single cell formula combining all these logics.

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It was just amazing , it worked very well . thank you for the quick response and the great support