Combine data from 2 columns into 1 column

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I want to do this, but with 2 columns of data.  We have a sheet with area codes in one field and phone numbers in another.  I need the 2 pieces of data in one field for a list of 500 phone numbers.  Do I have to do them one at a time????

Combine data with the Ampersand symbol (&)

  1. Select the cell where you want to put the combined data.

  2. Type = and select the first cell you want to combine.

  3. Type & and use quotation marks with a space enclosed.

  4. Select the next cell you want to combine and press enter. An example formula might be =A2&" "&B2.

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Use your formula in the initial cell and then drag the formula down to the last row. Put your cursor in the bottom right corner of the cell until it changes into a cross (+) and then click and drag to the bottom.

Or enter your formula into the first cell, select entire column range includes that cell and Ctrl+D

I took the following steps and had the following problem.


1. In the 1st Excel document, data in the first two columns was combined.

2. The combined data was entered into the third column.

3. The data in the third column was highlighted and copied.

4. The data in the third column of the 1st Excel document was copied and pasted into the first column of the 2nd Excel document.


The data did not paste.  Instead, the first column of the 2nd Excel document showed "REF" throughout.


How can I pasted the data into the 2nd document without getting "REF" instead?




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