Column of images

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I have a column of images that I have set to "Snap to Grid" and have to select and nudge to top left corner with my mouse. I have to individually click on and move toward top left and when I release they "snap to grid". Is there a way to select all and have them do the same if inserted before selecting "snap to grid". I've tried and they all move same distance instead of "snapping to grid". The images are a 1/4 size of the cell they reside in. Most Images were placed in cell before I discovered the "snap to grid" feature. New Images added after "snap to grid" move to top left corner as needed. PS I have added the word Image in cells for sorting purposes.


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The file currently has 13k rows and I will be changing text "images" to white after sorting. This effort is an evolving and long term reference project so no deadline hanging over my head.