Colour coding cells in an accounts book based on current/system date

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Seen in the attachment is an example of an account book I would like to use in Excel.


The book/table shows e.g. the amount due and due date. Is it possible to have it so that the coloured cells will change to the required colours simply by adding a date to a cell, or deleting it, so that an invoice awaiting payment shows as a yellow cell, an invoice that has been paid shows as green, and an invoice that is overdue appears as red; that way, a simple scroll and scan of the colours will alert me to any overdue payments without having to scrutinise the dates on a daily basis, just look out for the colours?


I was thinking that the colours could be changed based on the due date being compared to the current/system date, so before the current date would be yellow whereas after the current date would be red, and with no date entered could be green.








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