Color Fill not working

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I am trying to do a simple color fill of a cell and it just won't work. What can I do? I have tried it on several different documents. 

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Well, I'm not sure if this could be an actual solution, but as I had the same problem and couldn't find a solution, after I Saved then Closed the Excel spreadsheet I was working on, and Reopened it... Then, VOILA! It's working again...
Hope it works for you as well. :)


Having the same issue here.



You may be having the same issue; it would help if you described in a bit more detail what you've tried.


For example, is it safe for us to assume you know about this icon on the tool bar


More specifically, this one


where clicking on the downward arrow tip gives you a range of background color choices?


Or are you talking about conditional formatting, which is a whole different topic?


It's the reg fill icon that's not working. Not conditional formatting.