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HI all


I have a column called LOA Signature date and another one call Signed Date.

I am trying to find a formula that calculates the difference in months from the LOA Signature date to Today (In case LOA signature Date is blank, then the formula needs to use Signed Date)


Ageing = DATEDIF(TODAY()-"LOA Signature date and if blank, Signed Date"...



I created this formula for my PowerBI report but I don't know how to use same formula in Excell...any tip?


BL Months = DATEDIFF(coalesce('Weekly Slippage'[LOA Signature Date], 'Weekly Slippage'[Signed]), TODAY(), MONTH)
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@romovaro You would have to IF and ISBLANK as COALESCE doesn't exist in Excel.

Perhaps something like this:


If your data in Excel sits is a structured table, you can obviously use structured table references.


Thanks, it works!