Co authoring - save the document on a shared drive

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I want to make a workbook (shared) what we can co-author. But I dont want to share it via emails. I would like to save that workbook on our common shared drive. Every staff can open it from our common shared drive, and all can make updates on it live. 

Anyone knows how to do it? I cant find any info in the Help button for that


Thanks a million! 

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It's much better and easier to share on OneDrive, but if you'd like to share on drive this option is hided in menu. How to do is here What happened to shared workbooks? (

@Sergei Baklan 


When you say share on Onedrive, do you refer to the Share/Co authoring option? If so, we still need a "saved copy" on our shared drive. Can we save the Co Authoring version on our shared drive just like  the "shared workbook" option?


I mean to save in the cloud, e.g. OneDrive for Business or on SharePoint Online site, not on in-premises share. With that co-authoring works by default Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time with co-authoring ( if you are on 365 and don't disable it intentionally.