Cluster Bar Graph - Bars not aligning with data

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I'm building a Clustered bar graph where the value is time.

I'm having an issue where the bars aren't aligning properly.
The longest time is [21:36], which is the end of graph.
There are 3 bars that are extending to the end of the graph, but the times reflected are all <5:00.
The bar that should be at the end of the graph is not, it's closer to what would be 20:45.

Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?
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please provide us with the excel sheet (or an example)


why don't you transform time into a number?

Hello @Ramiz_Assaf 

There are two images attached to the post for reference.
The purpose of the sheet is to display call time averages



see the file attached


I think the problem is with the PM and AM


input the time as 00:00:00  hh:mm:ss


It will be solved