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I have an export from a SP list, the export contains a few columns with Firstname Lastname;# and 4 random numbers all in 1 cell, or there maybes several names in the cell, but they all follow that format (firstname lastname;#####) . I am searching for a way to clean the cells so only Firstname.Lastname (or Firstname.Lastname for each person). Any advice or tips would be appreciated. (side note, I don't control this particular sharepoint list, so I can't modify the view or data and I can't install any plugins or additional apps to support this functionality)


I have tinkered with some replace functions but because the number of names in the cell vary, I couldn't get the results needed.


Below is a sample of the data with the names changed:

Apps Leader
Bob Evans;#1675
Doug smith;#652
Doug smith;#652;#Joe Smith;#4736
Doug smith;#652;#Joe Smith;#4736
Doug smith;#652;#Justin Smith;#10754
Doug smith;#652;#Tina smith;#664


Here is what I would like it to be

Bob Evans
Doug smith
Doug smith; Joe Smith
Doug smith; Joe Smith
Doug smith; Justin Smith
Doug smith; Tina smith

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@islic Perhaps PowerQuery is the tool for the job.


Demo attached using your example.


Thank you for responding, that looks like a possible answer. I have tried a few attempts and haven't been able to duplicate. I keep running into "unexpected errors". I don't really have any experience with PowerQuery but I will keep tinkering and maybe in the meantime, someone will have another idea. Thanks Riny!
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Power Query should definitively work (another option in the attached file). Alternative assuming you run Excel 2021 or 365:



in D3:

    replaced,  SUBSTITUTE(B3,";#",";"),
    remove,    TEXT(SEQUENCE(10,,0),"0"),
    split,     MID(replaced,SEQUENCE(LEN(replaced)),1),
    filtered,  FILTER(split,ISNA(XMATCH(split,remove))),
    concat,    TEXTJOIN("",,filtered),
    cleaned,   SUBSTITUTE(concat,";;","; "),


This can also be done in Excel 365 though there is some formula writing to be done.  The worksheet formula

      ";;","; ")

uses REDUCE to call the Lambda function 'Removeλ' for each character in 'digits',

= LAMBDA(s,t,SUBSTITUTE(s,t,""))



@L z. 

Playing with your solution, I defined a Lambda function

Cleanedλ = LAMBDA(str,
        replaced, SUBSTITUTE(str, ";#", ";"),
        remove,   TEXT(SEQUENCE(10, , 0), "0"),
        split,    MID(replaced, SEQUENCE(LEN(replaced)), 1),
        filtered, FILTER(split, ISNA(XMATCH(split, remove))),
        concat,   TEXTJOIN("", , filtered),
        cleaned,  SUBSTITUTE(concat, ";;", "; "),
        LEFT(cleaned, LEN(cleaned) - 1)

so the column of results is generated by

= MAP(strings, Cleanedλ)

@Peter Bartholomew 

I definitively prefer your REDUCE solution. Thanks for sharing it