Chart Tools tab disappeared

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Hi, Thanks for helping me. 


My Excel 365 Chart Tools tab disappeared on me. 

I need it to add the Design, Layout, and Format tabs so I can customize my Charts.

Right now, I only have the Chart Design Tab displayed in the Ribbon. 

Thanks for helping me,


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Hi @josephnhayden 


This is the new layout,  the features should be there (Chart Design and Format), it's just the menu label "Chart Tools Tab" that has now been removed.



Perhaps, however the Error Tools are missing... is that functionality still there and if so where?  The former path was:  Chart Tools, Layout, Analysis, Error Bars, More Error Bars Options




 @Wyn Hopkins 


That's all in icon menu on the right of chart if you click on it


@josephnhayden Try double clicking inside the chart area - that brings up the pane for me.