Chart of book reading speed

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Hi, i am looking for suggestions how should i make a chart in Excel, which would show average number of pages i have read on certain date.

Right now i have this data: number of pages of books, start date of reading, end date of reading - from this i have calculated my average speed of reading (page/day).



And i would like to know my progression during certain weeks and months. So a stacked column graph - one stack for each book i am reading at the time. So the column for certain book would start at the start date, end a the end date a nd the height of the column would be the average speed of reading (pages by day) - something as in the picture.



Any tips, how to make this?

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Your description is a start, but you must realize (as a reader) how hard it is for words to paint a complete picture. The best way to get specific help here would be for you to post a copy of your actual spreadsheet so we could not only see it, but even work with it.

I updated my post so it should me more clear