Chart enter break from 0 to high #

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Hi all,

I have a chart that starts at 12K and goes up to 14 K, i would like the units jump to be 500, but i want the first # on the Y axis to be start with 0, then break, then 11,500, 12,000, 12,500....etc etc. Can anyone please show me how to do it

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Hello @Gudkovich ,


what you are after is called a "broken Y axis". A few years ago there were a number of tutorials on the web on how to achieve that, but since then the experts in data visualization have removed these tutorials because  a broken Y axis is hard to interpret and skews the picture. It's considered bad practice for charts.


In any case, a column chart should always start the Y axis at 0. If you use a line chart, you can start the Y axis with a higher number.