changing the default currency format

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When I choose currency as the format of a cell, the default sign is EURO and 2 decimal points. How can i set the default to be the DOLLAR sign ($) and zero decimal points?




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Emile, if you are on Windows


control international


Additional settings



and here change as desired


Sergei. Thank you very much for your post. It worked!! I thought Excel had its own defaults, and that is what I couldn't find. Didn't think of looking a Windows settings. Thanks again

@emileaboumrad , you are welcome

Hi Sergei,
I was able to change this setting, but it still isn't applying to excel
I restarted excel as well - is there anything else that I need to do ?

Thank you!


Let me clarify your steps. Let assume you have Euro now as default currency.

- you open new blank, type in empty cell 123 and apply Currency format. It shows


- we open Windows settings, change Euro on $ and click Apply


- go back to Excel (restart is not required, same Excel file). Now we see


If you repeat as above does it work?