Changing default currency in Excel on a Mac

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I've found a few articles on changing Excel's default currency on Windows, but couldn't find a way to do so on a Mac.

I did change the system-wide settings under "Language and Region", but it has no affect over Excel.


Any thoughts?



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@Typhoon007 Be sure that you close Excel and restart it. Then it should work.

Thanks @Riny_van_Eekelen 

I restarted my Mac, and it seemed to have worked...

But not as I intended... 

I mean, the default currency changed to US $, but it appears as US$ on the Excel sheet:


Under Format Cells, you can see that the Symbol changed from $ to US$:



Below is a screenshot of the Language and Region Advanced settings:




What do I need to change to make sure the default currency is $ and not US$?




@Typhoon007 I see, but can't you select the $ English (United States) option in the Number format group on the Home ribbon? That one just produces the $ sign. Don't think you can change the default to anything other than what's in the list under Language&Region, Advanced.

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 16.14.50.png

I guess that the "US" prefix is defaulted as there are many currencies in the world that use the $ sign. Good to know which dollar you are talking about.

Thanks @Riny_van_Eekelen

Yes, I could change that through the Format Cells (reached through by clicking the "More Number Formats").



There I had to scroll by to find the right "version" of the Dollar (as seen below)





The whole purpose of changing the default currency was to that all I needed to do when selecting a currency would be to click "Currency" from the format cell drop down.

Now I'm forced to go through 3-4 clicks just to achieve that...


Any other thoughts?





@Typhoon007 Sorry, don't know!

Thanks @Riny_van_Eekelen for trying!
Maybe somebody else found a workaround :)

So I guess 2 years later there's still no way to change the default Currency to anything other than whatever's set in the Region settings. And with Apple removing the Advanced options from that, it's even harder to get this done.

I wonder if it's not possible or Microsoft just didn't implement a way to overwrite that default regional setting from MacOS.
Anyway, I'm disappointed. This should be an easy fix. But looks like nobody cares enough to actually implement it.