Change starting date from January 1, 1900 to real date in chart

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My chart starts at January 1, 1900, but I want it to start on January 7, 2017. How do I do that?

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Most probably you have zero values within Date column. It's better to remove zeroes. But in any case you may right click on axis->Format Axis and set range here


keeping Maximum on Auto.

I solved my problem by copying the data from the Census Bureau Excel spreadsheet to my own Excel spreadsheet. My Excel spreadsheet automatically converts the data to the correct format. It looks like the US Census Bureau uses an old version of Excel.
For some reason, the Census Bureau Excel spreadsheet didn't give me that option. However, my own spreadsheet does give me that option. Thanks for the response.

@esong_98 , glad to know you sorted this out, thank you for the feedback.