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When I download a document, the cells are not calculating.   I have made sure that the format is number.

Is there thing else I can check?

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Ya revisaste: Pestaña Fórmulas, en la parte Calculo, revisa que este en Automático. Porque si esta configurado manual, no calcula las fórmulas en tu hoja de calculo.


Please check if in Formula tab Calculation Option is set on Automatic and Show Formulas is OFF

@iphill8181  wrote: ``When I download a document, the cells are not calculating. ``


What do you mean by "a document"?  Exactly what type of file is it?  (Note: a CSV file is __not__ an "Excel" file.)


What do you mean by "not calculating"?  Exactly what do you see in the cells (not the Formula Bar)?  For example, the formulas themselves?  Previous non-zero values?  Zeros?  Excel errors like #VALUE?


@iphill8181  wrote: ``I have made sure that the format is number.``


The __format__ of a cell does not matter.  The __type__ of cell value does.  Looks can be deceiving.  Use formulas like =ISNUMBER(A1) to determine if the cell value is indeed numeric.


If this and other suggestions do not point you to the problem, attach an Excel file (not an image or CSV file) that demonstrates the problem.


Otro posible error puede estar dado, por el separador de decimales de tu equipo (pc) revisa si tu separador es coma (,) o tu separador es punto (.) y verifica como están llegando los números de ser así debes hacer un buscar y reemplazar.
This has not worked. It only happens when I have download a document from an external site. This is something that just began happening. Attached is a document.

Please make sure responses are in English, thanks.

I do not see where to attach a file.


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