Cant Find a saved Excel File

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Hi All, 

My Excel was not responding so i closed all files that were working. Some files i intentionally said "Do not Save" and some i said "save".  After restarting the program, the save command doesnt seem to have worked. Ive tried all recovery techniques but non seem to work. Someone help. 

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With your permission, if you insert a file (without sensitive data) with this problem, you will get an answer faster.


Notification of the Excel version and operating system help to get a precise answer.

There is also the question of where the files are stored (hard drive or OneDrive, or somewhere else).


Thank you for your patience and time.



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What do you mean under "doesn't work"? You have some error on saving, or you save the file with changes (no error) and don't see these changes after re-open the file, or something else? Does Save As work?

Hi. Thanks for replying. I saved the file with changes (no error) and didn't see the changes after i re-open the file.
Unfortunately i cant share that specific file. My Excel is 2016 and OS is Windows 10. The file is stored in a common folder hosted on an external server.


So, that's not for any file, but for some concrete file kept on network share. If so, reasons could be, for example, in permissions lost on Delete. With that Excel can't delete temporary file on network share and save the changes. However, some errors shall appear in such case. Maybe something similar.


Again, assuming that is only for the specific file I'd re-create sharing location and share permissions.