Cannot see what am I typing in excel

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We are working on online version of excel that can be accessed at multiple locations. I cannot see what I am typing while typing in excel until I press enter. It is visible after I press enter. It is also visible in formula bar while I am typing. 


The same file works perfect & content being typed is visible on different PC's at different locations. How does it not work only on mine? We all have same system upgrades and settings. 


I have tried resetting the PC, all sorts of Formats checked, theme & resolutions has been checked too. 

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I am also having the same problem as of 9:30 this morning eastern time.  

Could it be Microsoft glitch? How come not enough ppl have reported? I am thinking of calling Microsoft tech support & see what they have to say.



It's possible.  But it seems that only I have the problem in my Dept. right now.

Same for my organisation.