Cannot lock multiple rows & columns

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I am working on a spreadsheet to track my team sales and I would like to lock the top 2 rows and first 2 colums but it seems I can only freeze one or the other the way I am going about it. 


If possible I would also like to lock totals at the bottom row (there are many blank rows in between last row with data and totals row to allow room to add more team members if needed) 


I have tried googling all sorts of ways to acheive this and It is not working for me! 


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It's all about active cell. Click in C3 and then go to View | Freeze Panes - select Freeze panes.

@Patrick2788Thank you! That did the trick. But now is there a way to lock the bottom totals row. 

Unfortunately, not with Freeze Panes which freezes anything above or to the left of the active cell. You could use View | New Window and pop open a second view of the sheet and leave it at the totals row.