Cannot delete a table

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Hi there. I'm using the latest Android version Office 365 and I can't delete a table (without keeping the data inside it) in any ways: I've surfed the Internet but it's showing only for Windows, Mac Os and the Web so please can someone reply to my issue.
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Can you please explain more on what you meant by "without keeping the data inside it"?

1. Did you want to delete the table but keep the data (assuming it is a formatted/structured table)? - Go to 'Design' under Table Tools tab and click on 'Convert to Range' in the 'Tools' section.
2. Did you want to delete empty rows/columns of a formatted/structured table? - You can either resize the structured/formatted table from the icon on the right corner of the table (you have to select a cell inside the table to make it visible), or select the rows completely and delete the rows or by clear all. Will not work if there are other tables on the row.
3. Did you want to delete the table completely? - Select the entire table and select clear all.


You'll find the options by clicking the upward-arrow on the bottom right.

Thank you very much .