Can you freeze first 4 columns and top 7 rows?

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Title is pretty self explanatory. I want the first 4 columns to remain frozen all the way down and the first 7 rows to remain frozen. Is this possible? When I do the normal method whenever I scroll down the data below the 7th row moves. When I scroll sideways it stays though.



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yes. put cursor in cell E8 and select Freeze Panes. It will freeze all rows above and columns to left of the selected cell

@mtarler When I scroll down the rows below 7 aren't frozen. I want to freeze the first 4 columns down to row 30.



What version of Excel do you have? is it Excel 2016 or 2019
Select cell E8 then from View tab --> in the window group click on Freeze Panes --> choose Freeze Pane from the menu.
So I'm confused what you want. When you Freeze Panes, you get essentially 4 panes. The upper left will be the Rows & Columns less than your selected location and those will be Frozen. The upper right pane will have the Rows less than your selected location and the lower left pane will have the Columns less than your selected location. Those upper right and lower left panes WILL move to align with the lower right pane. So the lower left will always show the same frozen Columns but the Rows in that pane will move so they always alight with the rows in the lower right pane. So IF you want to 'lock' that lower left pane to show only rows 1-30 while you scroll down further., the answer is no.