Can't Print in color after upgrade to Windows 11

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I can't get my spreadsheets to print in color after switching to Windows 11.  The only 2 options available to me are black and white and grayscale.  Most of my spreadsheets use color so this is a very big problem for me.  Any help would be appreciated.



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@KarenR17 Other than the obvious answer, "Switch to the Mac system" -- kidding -- there has got to be something in the Print setup that can be changed. I'm not a Windows user--haven't been for decades now--but am pretty sure the issue isn't directly Excel related (although check default settings for Excel)....


I know when I go to print I get the choice of printing (from the printer software) in color/grayscale/b&W...there's got to be something there in the Window's printer driver too.

Having same problem - anyone found a real answer yet? TIA
Having the same problem here too


I'd check printer drivers for Win11. As a comment, I'm on it from very beginning and have no such problems.