CAN'T PRINT CVS imported spreadsheet. What's wrong?

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My work is genetic genealogy. So I download CVS information to my computer.  Then I import that data to create an EXCEL spreadsheet.  Before WIN10 I had zero problems printing the file. NOW I no longer have OFFICE Professional (with discs), I have Office365 and I was forced to buy a new computer this year.  I had used WIN7 Prof. for a long time and LOVED it.  NOW I waste time I don't have to waste trying to resolve one problem after another. The printer problems are costing me so much!  Doesn't matter if I isolate print area or not.  The only thing that prints is a blank piece of paper or a spreadsheet form with NO DATA.  I am wasting so much ink and time.  I need this resolved. HELP!! 

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Can you post a sample of the CSV file AND a sample of the Excel spreadsheet into which you load it? There may be some here who could recognize the symptoms you're describing well enough to prescribe treatment. I need to examine the patient.