Can't grab page breaks in Excel O365

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Yesterday I could grab page breaks in Excel and move them.  Today I can't.  Any idea what I can do, what setting has been changed to stop me from grabbing the page breaks?

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You will find more information in the link.

Insert, move, or delete page breaks in a worksheet


  • Although you can work with page breaks in Normal view, we recommend that you use Page Break Preview view to adjust page breaks so that you can see how other changes that you make (such as page orientation and formatting changes) affect the automatic page breaks. For example, you can see how a change that you make to the row height and column width affects the placement of the automatic page breaks.

  • To override the automatic page breaks that Excel inserts, you can insert your own manual page breaks, move existing manual page breaks, or delete any manually-inserted page breaks. You can also quickly remove all the manually-inserted page breaks. After you finish working with page breaks, you can return to Normal view.


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