Can't add new raws in Excel sheet

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Hi, I started getting this error message in some Excel sheets (not all), every time I wanted to add a new raw in my sheet.

The error message says:

"So that data doesn't get lost, you cannot move cells with data outside the Excel sheet. Mark another place to bring in new cells, or delete data from the end of the Excel sheet.

If you don't have data in cells that could be moved outside the Excel sheet, you can then reset which cells Excel treats as empty or full. You do that by clicking Ctrl+End and going to the last cell with input. Delete this cell and all cells between this cell and the last cell with you data and columns."


Excuse my translation, my original message was in Swedish...But hopefully you get the point.

I have done what it says and nothing happens, it doesn't work. I have deleted all cells and columns and saved and closed down the file and reopened, without success.


Can someone please help out here.

- How can I add new raws, despite this error message?

- Why am I getting this message suddenly? (I have never gotten this message before?!)



Here is a screen shot of the error message, in Swedish.



BR, Hossam

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- Scroll to what you think is the last used row.
- Select all rows beneath that row and delete them
- Repeat for the last used column
- Save (a copy of) your file
- Now try adding a row.