Can someone assist me with this excel formula

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I have 4 cells, B2, C2, D2 and E2. "Y" is for "Yes". "N" is for "No". to make this equation "Independent", B2 must be "N", C2 must be "N", D2 must be "N" and G2 must be "Y". Otherwise the equation will be "Not Independent".


Can Anyone share pls.

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@chuahlm Try this:

=IF(SUM(--(B2:E2={"N","N","N","Y"}))=4,"Independent","Not Independent")

It gives #VALUE!. Why? What is wrong? 

@chuahlm Have a look at the attached file and see which formulas work. Perhaps you need to enter the formula with C-S-E (ctrl shift enter) of you are not on MS365 or Excel 2021. That will enclose the formula in curly brackets { }

I opened you file to view your reply. When I remove the curly brackets { }, it will show #VALUE!


On which Excel version/platform you are?


Forgot to mentioned that after downloading your version, when I changed any of the "Y" to "N", the changes do not take place. and vice versa when I changed the "N" to "Y" no changes take place.
I am confused. Pls assist. TQ.
The Microosoft Office Excel version that I am using is 2019. Hope that helps.
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Since you have Excel 2019, the formula will only work if you confirm it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter each time you edit it.

to Hans Vogelaar, Sergei Baklan and Riny van Eeleken, TQVM for your assistance. Followed to the T and it worked!


Glad to know you sorted this out.