Can not enable autofill

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I can not use the AUTOFILL option on my personal laptop. I have tried following options: 

- Enable fill handle and cell drag and drop

- Enable Auto Complete for cell values

- AND enable all features for excel and auto calculation

- Finally, restart the excel.


I want to achieve the result of : 0,1,2,3,4,... when dragging the 0 downwards and select the series option.

However, when I dragged, the options are format, tables, sparklines and etc.

I am confused now. I use this feature everyday on my working computer and never thought this feature can not work!


Someone please help me!!! I have 1000+rows need to fill TT


Kind regards~

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@Lulu_5137 Not sure why auto-fill doesn't work on your computer. But since you tag your post with Office365, try using this:

=SEQUENCE(1000,,0) this will instantly create a sequence of 1000 numbers (in rows) starting from 0. No dragging needed. Copy / Paste Values is want to keep the values and not the dynamic array.





Thank you! Such a wonderful solution!!