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I'm a new user to using the Excel Calendar template and am looking to find out how to import data into the calendar display itself.  I have imported a csv successfully but it loads into its own tab instead of populating the information on the calendar itself.  Can anyone provide guidance on this process, if it is even possible?  Thank you.

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@ampolka Hi

This is the solution I found for you:

Download and save your *.csv file to your chosen location.
Start Excel with a blank workbook open.
Select 'Data' on the ribbon, and then 'From Text'. (If the menu options are greyed out this could be because you do not have a workbook open).
Importing CSV to Excel
Browse for the *.csv file you want to open, and click 'Import'.
In the Text import wizard, ensure the 'Delimited' option is selected. Click Next.
Importing CSV to Excel
In the delimiters section, tick 'Comma'. The text qualifier box should show the double-quote symbol. Click Next.
Importing CSV to Excel
Mark every columns as 'Text'. The first column only will initially be highlighted. Move the horizontal cursor as far as it will go to the right; then, holding the shift key down, click the very last column heading. You should now have every column highlighted. Click the 'Text' data format. It will now say 'Text' in the header of every column. Click Finish.
Importing CSV to Excel
It may ask you 'Where do you want to put the data?'. It will allow you to click into any cell on the blank worksheet to determine where the data should go. Click 'OK' to proceed.
The data should now appear in the spreadsheet. Where column headings are included these will appear in the top row. Check that fields have not lost leading zeros where applicable.

@RuskinF,  Thank you for the quick response, unfortunately it doesn't look like I explained what I was doing properly.  The solution you provided does not use the Calendar template at all, it provides guidance on uploading a csv into excel workbook.  I am specifically trying to upload a csv file into an Excel calendar.  I can import that data but I can't however get the information to be distributed throughout the calendar on the appropriate dates.  Not sure if that explains the situation any better but I do thank you for your assistance.  

@ampolkadid you find a solution to this? I am trying to do the same thing!