calculating percentage between two dates

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Hello -


I am trying to show a percentage complete between two dates.  I am using the formula:

=MIN(1, (DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B2,C2,"d")+1))

which is working great and leaves the percentage at 100% once the end date has passed.


However, for dates in the future it is returning a #NUM! error.  How can I use the formula above and also combine something that will show a "0" instead of an error in my spreadsheet?


I know the following code would work,

=IFERROR((DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B2,C2,"d")+1),"Not start")

but I just don't know how to combine the two to make it display the way I want it to.



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Hi @creativekat26  the formula proposed by you works. Which version of excel do you have?



'IFERROR(MIN(1; (DATEDIF(B4;TODAY();"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B4;C4;"d")+1));"not started")



@leoperdia I have the latest version of excel.


I know that each formula works separately - but is there a way to combine these two formulas below?


=IFERROR((DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B2,C2,"d")+1),"Not start")

=MIN(1, (DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B2,C2,"d")+1))


So that when a date passes it shows 100% and for future dates it shows "not started"?


Thank you for your help!

@creativekat26  Meaby I do not get you correctly, but the formula I've shared in the previous post is a combination of both:


IFERROR(MIN(1; (DATEDIF(B4;TODAY();"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B4;C4;"d")+1));"not started")


The example I've shared is using this formula. The behavior is the following:

-If range date in the future--> not started

-If today is within the range date---> % of progress

-If range date in the past--> 100%





The formula you showed would not work for me. It says there is an Inconsistent calculated column formula.

I double checked and the version of Excel I am using is
Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2305 Build 16.0.16501.20074) 64-bit
would that have anything to do with why I can't get your formula to work?
It is not recognizing this string as a formula
IFERROR(MIN(1; (DATEDIF(B4;TODAY();"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B4;C4;"d")+1));"not started")
it's thinking its just plain text. am I missing something?
Strange.....did you include "=" at the beginning of the formula?.. I mean....."=IFERROR(MIN..."



yes I did.  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
=IFERROR(MIN(1; (DATEDIF(B2;TODAY();"d")+1)/(DATEDIF(B2;C2;"d")+1));"not started")


This formula gives me this error



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@creativekat26  I think the problem is the separators between the function arguments. The example I've provided is ";"(this is my separator). If you have ","(comma) as a separator please replace ";" with "," in my formula.

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!