Calculating expected graduation year using DOB or current age

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Hi there, I have a dataset where I have a Youth Birth Date (in Day-Month-Year format). From there, I calculated a current age (Jan 2022) based on the DOB using =DATEDIF formula (not sure this step was entirely necessary but I wanted to make sure I had all information). I am trying to now calculate an expected year of HS graduation. Of course, we have to put parameters on this and we are just going to make the assumption that each individual in the dataset graduates high school in four years (no one graduates at semester), and is approximately 18 years old at the time of graduation. Obviously, not everyone is going to fall into this category but with this large of a dataset we have to have cutoffs. 


Not even sure if this is possible, but does anyone have any ideas for how I could utilize either a DOB or Current Age Today to identify the year in which someone turned 18? Even with this it will still require examination of each row - such as someone who turns 18 in December of 2016 but graduates high school in Spring 2017. I know this is something that I can do manually but with 3000 records I would love to have a shortcut if anyone knows one!

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If you know DOB, 18th anniversary date is calculated as