Calculating (4, Threads): 1%

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Hi Experts,


I have a Sheet1 which has 3 Columns (Column A with Product Type, Column B with Product ID, Column C with Product Name) and 1000 rows with data in it. I am using below formula to remove duplicate data and match with Product Name 'Grocery' and show this in Sheet 2.




The formula is working fine in Sheet2 but i want to increase the no of rows to 1000 more and when i drag this formula down in excel sheet to increase and match with data in sheet1 which has increased to 2000 records it shows 'Calculating (4, Threads): 1%' and excel sheet hangs and automatically crash and close down.


P.S. - i have set my excel sheet to Manual Calculation but when i save this sheet after i update data in sheet2 by increasing the rows it hangs and close automatically.


Pls suggest if their is any alternative way to replace the above formula with some other formula and get same result and save excel sheet with big data.


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