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I am trying to calculate how many working days there are between two dates. Some of these dates are holidays too. Any idea how I would do this?


Many thanks in advance for your help!



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Here is a quick tool to do so...

Hope this helps!


@Bipin-prakash Thank you so much, that's perfect and a lot easier than building a model! And I like it that is removes the holidays from the country you are in.


You already have a solution, but if you want to calculate it in Excel, take a look at the NETWORKDAYS function and/or NETWORKDAYS.INTL function 


Many thanks Hans, that is what I was after, as I have a statutory definition of working days in the legislation I work with and I need to be able to exclude some specific days. I will try and make it work and If I may, come back to you if I can't. I really appreciate your help.