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Good morning. So I'm very stumped on this problem and really would appreciate some help! I have an excel file where I am keep track of my teams productivity. I keep a daily tracker where I capture the amount of bugs they have remaining and how many they complete per day. How I do this is by capturing the remaining bugs and keeping a daily tracker. Some days the count increases from the previous day, some days it decreases until that overall count hits 0. now that I have about 3 weeks worth of data, Id like to start tracking, "How Many Bugs they are completing per day" using the daily counts as my metric. However giving that some days they are adding bugs and not completing any, I'm lost on how to compute that number over a span of 5 days. Any help please!


Secondly, I'd like to take that 5 Day Average count and estimate what would be their completion date if they did that amount until completion. Given that bug completion count is a positive (decreasing #)

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You've had (as of this writing) over 70 views, but no replies. That's in part, I suspect, due to a confusing description of what you're trying to do. So I'm taking a stab at it in the attached..... which gives a running 5 day total, a running 5 day average. If that's not what you're looking for, please come back and give us a more clear description.