calculate value based on displayed value

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I have the following formula in cell C18 



Cell C16 contains the value 2.37 and Cell C19 contains the value 80. 


Cell C18 displays the value as 19.0, but the actual value is 18.96. So excel is rounding. 


I need to perform the calculation of taking =E18/C18*100. Where E18 contains the value 2.0.


Currently, when I calculate  =E18/C18*100 I am getting 10.5485 because excel is calculating based on the actual value, but I need the calculation to be performed on the displayed value of 19.0. So I need the calculation to display 10.5263. 


Does anyone know how I might get the calculation to render based on the displayed value and not the actual value? Thanks!

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There are a few options, one option is to use ROUND( x, 1) to force the value to round to 1 decimal place. you can use that in cell C18 = ROUND(C16*C19/10 , 1) and then the VALUE in C18 will actually be 19.0 or you can use it in the "next" cell like =E18/ ROUND(C18,1) * 100


Change the formula in C18 to