Bug in Excel online - dependent drop down lists

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hi everyone, 

I'm using dependent dropdown lists and they work fine in desktop, but in the browser the second list is not working (but weirdly the third is). Very frustrating as my client needs to see this in Teams or in the browser. 

Here's what's driving the second list (and it's not 'picking up' that it's a list):


Having the # outside the brackets might look freaky but it works (in desktop anyway). 


The third list is driven by this (and works):


so they're the same, but one doesn't work and the other does. 


I've seen a bug in the online version that puts spaces at the start of stuff chosen from dynamic lists in validated lists... which is really odd and annoying, but probably not the issue here or both lists wouldn't work...?


Anyone else got this?

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To my knowledge, Excel for the web does not support the XLOOKUP function. Excel for the web has a subset of functionality compared to the desktop version of Excel, and not all functions and features are available. As a result, the XLOOKUP function may not be available in Excel for the web.

You can maybe combine the INDEX and MATCH functions to perform a lookup.